Frequently Asked Questions


The Conversional lead generation tool is a customized tool that is all set up for you. Every section including the questionnaire, the result and the retargeting emails, is already filled with content in a way you can implement the tool and start, without any further adaptations. The following features are included:
  • two (optional) integrated Call to Action formats (a launcher button and an Exit Intent Layer)
  • a multi-persona branded questionnaire
  • a closure screen where you can selectively generate leads for further own email newsletter campaigns including a DOI email validation process
  • personalized and profile-based kitchen recommendations
  • an intelligent email retargeting campaign to win back customers
  • a configurable appointment process module with direct salesperson notification
  • a remote-appointment module to consult customers online
  • a personal performance dashboard to monitor your success
  • interfaces to integrate the tool within your software ecosystem

Yes, almost every content module can be adapted and personalized. As a standard we are using your brand color and your logo as well as your kitchen supplier brands to fit the look and feel of your website. You are free to add, replace or remove questions and to add any contents, USPs and special promotions, or to adapt text and images to your personal brand identity. Most of our dealers start with the basic, adapted version to test it and make further adaptations after the successful starting phase.

Conversional is a tool that generates leads exclusively for you, without selling the data to competitors. We believe in building trust between your brand and the customer during his decision period and from an early stage on. We are your partner to generate appointments Online and to engage the customer in order to increase chances that these appointments will be turned into sales contracts in your store. The tool is a learning tool that is continuously optimized. Our philosophy is to free you from all measures so that you can fully concentrate on the actual sale.


Conversional is priced based on the number of customer contacts/ appointments generated per month. For a detailed indication of the costs please contact our sales team.


In our resource section you will find many answers to most of your questions about technical implementation. During the whole onboarding process we are your sparring partner to make sure the tool is seamlessly integrated in your processes and your website.